My Story

This is my story

Life has thrown some interesting hurdles my way. Loss and adversity were constant companions in my younger years, and surviving and rebuilding have been my life mantra…

Vietnamese born, I was sent to France at the age of nine to a family that was not mine ‘for a better life’. Sadly, it was all but that. I ran away at sixteen, did the best I could to survive and found solace in parties, alcohol and drugs. Four years in, I was nearing addiction and homelessness, and in an attempt to start over I made a decision that saved my life – I came to Australia to live with my sister. Within ten months I was living on my own and was clean of substances, and within four years I graduated from university and began my professional life.

After two decades building my career in the corporate world I was faced with another crossroad – I found myself caught in a trail of toxic bosses and soul destroying jobs, and could feel my sense of self being engulfed in fear and turmoil. I started seeking healing help to find my way again, and in that process who I am and what I want were all put into question.

Painfully but thankfully I discovered that life success for me is not defined by a ladder of titles and status, but a growing tree of heart connections and shared humanity. With this acceptance came a renewed life perspective and I found my true calling in holistic counselling, which I realise is the perfect total sum of who I am, the life I lived and the lessons I learnt.

My new path lead me to study at the amazing Holistic Living Training Institute and Australian School of Holistic Counseling, where through learnings I witness my life transform and my true self emerge. The heart of my coaching is about imparting on all that I am to help others live with greater happiness and find a more peaceful, centered approach to life.