From Lee P. Times when chaos fills my head, Anna guides me in making the correct choices that are right for me. When I have doubted myself, Anna has reminded me of my worth. Whenever I go on tangents during our sessions, Anna always brings me back to the issues at hand – helping me to remain focused and positive. 

Anna is compassionate and her guidance and words of wisdom have been indispensable to me. Very easy to talk to, like talking to an old friend, Anna has the ability to make me feel understood and safe and this is the reason I keep coming back. Thank you, Anna for helping me find my strength and pushing me at the right moments. Forever grateful to you!”


From Anna Z. “I saw Anna recently on the recommendation of a friend. I was going through a difficult time, in a state of crisis, in fact. In my sessions with Anna I was able to ‘unpack’ the experiences, thoughts and feelings that had me in a state of high alert and exhaustion.

Anna bought a great sense of openness, wisdom and reassuring presence to our encounters working with me on strategies of self-care and ways in which to support me in processing recent events that were changing and reshaping my life. I felt lighter and calmer after each meeting and I looked forward to the next session. Our sessions meant that I was able to contain what often felt like overwhelming emotions and park them to one side – knowing I had a safe space to explore them each week.

Anna was very encouraging and supportive. I really valued her humour; her emphasis on acceptance has made a real impact on how I frame and view my situation. I’ve not come across a person who has embodied the principal so fully. I feel like now that we have finished our work together this is the lesson that will stay with me, and something I will continue to try and practice in relation to my own life.”

From Mark P. “I am not sure what everyone looks for in a holistic living coach, but priority for me was finding a person I felt comfortable with and could develop a connection. Someone who could get me talking, listen and help guide me to explore those things in my mind and heart that I have pushed aside. From our first meeting, Anna was this person. 

Over the course of our sessions together I have learnt things about myself I had never even considered. Anna’s friendly and comforting guidance throughout this continuing process has been invaluable. Our sessions are genuine and honest and Anna is very skilled at lightening what can be some difficult conversations with very well placed humour.

Where this experience will take me, I am not yet sure. But I am sure that I am growing as a person and I continue to look forward to working with Anna to better understand myself, the world around me and my purpose within it.”

From Paris M. “Anna presented herself to me at a time when I felt disconnected, unhappy and unsure of myself. During our sessions, I felt there was a strong sense of honouring my emotions. There was a natural ebb and flow in our discussions that helped let my guard down and open up to her about my issues.

Often Anna would give very clear points and suggestions to assist me in overcoming my hurdles. She was very attentive and instinctively knew what to say when I needed more guidance. I think Anna is actually gifted in tuning in to a person’s unique power, which can lie dormant in times of crisis, as was the case for me. I really value the simple yet firm approach she has helped me find to rebuild and empower myself”.